Hello my name’s Ischi Kage, I’m 22 years old , I’m a damn unicorn (I’m non gender binary.) and I really enjoy different subcultures and researching them. I also happen to love to write little essays about them and how they work. there are so many different subcultures to choose from and it’s hard for even me to choose which ones I want to be a part of. That’s where this blog comes in to gives people more information.

I’m currently in the furry culture, a BDSM Slave, Emo/goth and researching stuff.

I first found the furry fandom at 17 years old but never really took off with it until I met my current Mate/Master/Husband. He gave me the confidence I needed to figure out what type of animal/furry I was and to wear ears and tails in public.

I first got into BDSM when I was 13 with a long distance Master and he ended up being heavily emotionally and mentally abusive to me. I’m happy I cut ties with him but didn’t let that bad experience hold me back from being my current master’s slave.

I first got into being goth around the same time as BDSM. I started it because a friend I had at the time said I might like it. I looked up information on how to get started (Watched so many how to do emo hair videos on YouTube.) and it’s still the style I wear to this day but I’m thinking of adding Boho into it.