What is: ddlg

I without a doubt love ddlg and mdlb stuff. Of course my personal thing is ddlb. Now you might ask what do ddlg mdlb and ddlb stand for? Well it’s daddy/ mommy dom and little girl /boy. It can be simple where a person just likes calling their lover daddy or you can take it really far and live as a 24/7 little girl or boy. Let’s get into more specifics in this fetish.

This fetish is all about your submissive acting out the role of being a little girl or boy. It by no means is pedophilia because your partner’s actual age is still over 18. I do not support pedophilia in anyway by writing this post. The caregiver often has a more nurturing and loving role rather than being strictly dominant. It really does depend on your submissive’s needs. Daddy dom and submissive Littles come in all shapes and sizes. A daddy Dom is more for guiding their little and a loving way. Communication is a big factor in the relationship to ensure that both sides are happy. Like for example in my relationship things are both out of the bedroom and sexual at the same time. On that note, there are also different types of Littles. There are Kitten Littles which enjoy acting like a cat but also being a Little. They’re also known as Pets. There is crybaby Littles,  which is more on the emotional side of a Little. And then there are angel babies. Which is a Little that is perfect like an angel.

I have a set a time in the day where I am Little and have time to relax from my stressful day.

Well, I hope that was helpful information on the daddy and little girl lifestyle for fetish.


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