Drama drama

So me and my master are having a lot of drama going on. Well I should start at the beginning…my mother has recently passed and I was unsure of where I would be living next would be and extremely depressed. My mom’s friend thought it would be a great idea to catch me on the rebound saying my master was abusive and asking if I was happy. I mean my master doesn’t help with chores but thats it.

They were saying things like “your a different person without him.” And stuff like his the laziest person they know. Yet they where doing nothing while my mom drank herself to death. I honestly only act like a different person around them because I put a mask up that I’m happy around everyone except him. I trust him enough to see my dark side and not run.

Well after they had called my master abusive asked if I wanted out of the situation. I was at that point scared and kinda panicked so I agreed. I was getting flashbacks of my ex who made me drink my own piss so I went to there house where they acted like I was breaking up with him and shaming him in everyway they could. They scared him and me to the point that my master in order to get my trust again went into a mental hospital and that still didn’t change their opinions on him it just made the bullshit worse.

My lovely loving beautiful master had to go to a mental hospital and now we can’t even be together still. my dad caught wind of the situation and thought it be great to tell horror stories about us, the weird freaky transgender heathens. My dad said I could come back to his house but my master had to stay with his parents.

My dad keeps saying things on how my master was bad for me but a lot of stuff was stuff I did to survive. I only make a very low amount like 700$ a month which most of my money went to food and keeping us sane while living with a dieing addict. I just feel like no one knows my side but no one will even listen to my side of the story.

I honestly feel horrible that my master and daddy has had a shitty week because I paniced and was depressed. I feel like I need behavior training on how to go to daddy when im sad . Kitten loves you daddy!!

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