What is: The furry fandom?

I used to get teased a lot in school for liking what’s called the furry fandom. Mentioning of the furry fandom usually gives people a vision of people in fursuits or people wearing cat ears. It also, unfortunately, and falsely, conjures up images of sexually depraved people who want only sex and to have sexual relations with animals or to engage in endless orgies and drugs and alcohol. However the furry fandom goes further then just wanting to scare your neighbor in an animal costume or wanting to dress like a sexy cat.

The furry fandom is people who like humanized or anthropomorphic animals. This however can mean A LOT of different things for different people. The furry fandom usually starts with people liking cartoon anthropomorphic animals: animalistic but human-ish characters/ animals with human characteristics. It is a very deep and almost complex fandom. It can go from simply liking cartoon animals like Donald and Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny or even Simba, wearing ears and tails, wearing fursuits or turning it into a fetish.

So you might find yourself asking, Why would someone make that a fetish?! Well let’s clear one thing up really quick. It isn’t about beastiality. Approximately 75-90% of all furries don’t like the idea of harming an animal, let alone taking advantage of it sexually.  There’s a difference between wanting to fuck Rover and liking to look at sexy humanistic animal babes and dudes all day.

I myself am what’s known as an Otherkin furry, often just shortened to Otherkin. I see my fursona and even myself as a well…a half dragon and  half cat. I know right? Creative! But unfortunately hard to explain. I do know, however I found that I really loved those two animals and even acted like them.  Like, I don’t run around on all fours screaming and ‘roaring’, no, but I do like pet-play and I love being my husband’s pet. If you don’t know who that is read my about me page. 🙂

For further knowledge, an Otherkin is a person that feels that they not only really really like an animal but that their soul is that animal. I almost feel like finding out you’re an otherkin and literally seeing yourself as well an animal in your mind can be almost as important as your sexual identity and even sexuality. For me finding out what animals I really enjoyed was a soul searching experience.  I’d love to hear your guys’ thoughts in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “What is: The furry fandom?

  1. You can choose your fursona, you don’t choose your kintype. Furry is part of a fandom, Otherkin is an identity. – Just to clarify. It sounds like you already know that, and describe the difference, I just like simplifying things is all (:

    The term for “animistic, human ish” is Anthropomorphic (:


    1. Thank-you for clarifying ~ I already knew that I just had issues putting that into words. lol I have adhd or something so yea.


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