What is Hierophilia?

So I figured out what the roleplay me and my Master are doing is called. It’s called Hierophilia. Hierophilia sounds like a fetish based on the land from Zelda! but it’s actually a fetish for religion and its objects.  I feel slightly ashamed but kinda proud to have found out what it’s called. I also found that for some it’s a medical and sexual condition. I guess I’m adding another thing to my long list of shit wrong with me.

I do want to say however that I’m no longer majorly obsessed with religion. I hardly do anything involving it. I just use meditation for relaxing and helping my mind. I honestly think that the religion thing basically has a placebo effect on me and so psychologically it helps to a mental level. Similar to hypnosis and sugar pills. If you believe it’ll work then it basically does.

I would like to add I did not make this post to make fun of people who are into hierophilia. I strongly believe that no matter how silly it is, if it helps you relax, heal or just plain helps then you have every right to do it within legal standards and not be laughed at for helping yourself. I just don’t understand out some people can laugh and hurt others for doing what’s natural.

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