A new type of role-play

Well I guess I should tell you about that new type of role-play? I’m uncertain what it would be considered. I think I might do research on it if anybody knows. today me and my Master continued a new type of role-play that seems to really be getting us both really hot and bothered.

We started a role-play where I play the part of a Shinto priest who is cross dressing as female. A Shinto priest is a priest of the main religion of japan, which is called Shinto. In the role-play I would take his offering of “seed” as a gift for the Kami. The Kami are what japan calls it’s gods.

I don’t honestly know what that would be called. It’s basically a religious fetish. I mean we both really like japan’s vast culture and even subcultures. I mean that’s why I’ve named myself Ishi. I think I’ll look up what it’s called after this post. He He ~

I really have been enjoying our new role-play together. I used to be obsessed with religion because my mom forced it down my throat when I was very young. So I haven’t really prayed to anything because when I realized my obsession had become unhealthy I completely stopped everything.

So I feel this is a really good outlet for that pent up energy. I also feel that because of our bad situation that it’s basically a way to show my mind that I’m getting help. We could even put that in our role-play where my Master helps me get out of a bad situation, say maybe with a bad priest..

I recently started meditation again as a way to destress because of the living situation Master and I are both in. We’re living with my mother who in the past was extremely abusive to me. I’ll talk more about that in a different post.




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