What is Hierophilia?

So I figured out what the roleplay me and my Master are doing is called. It’s called Hierophilia. Hierophilia sounds like a fetish based on the land from Zelda! but it’s actually a fetish for religion and its objects.  I feel slightly ashamed but kinda proud to have found out what it’s called. I also found that for some it’s a medical and sexual condition. I guess I’m adding another thing to my long list of shit wrong with me.

I do want to say however that I’m no longer majorly obsessed with religion. I hardly do anything involving it. I just use meditation for relaxing and helping my mind. I honestly think that the religion thing basically has a placebo effect on me and so psychologically it helps to a mental level. Similar to hypnosis and sugar pills. If you believe it’ll work then it basically does.

I would like to add I did not make this post to make fun of people who are into hierophilia. I strongly believe that no matter how silly it is, if it helps you relax, heal or just plain helps then you have every right to do it within legal standards and not be laughed at for helping yourself. I just don’t understand out some people can laugh and hurt others for doing what’s natural.

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A new type of role-play

Well I guess I should tell you about that new type of role-play? I’m uncertain what it would be considered. I think I might do research on it if anybody knows. today me and my Master continued a new type of role-play that seems to really be getting us both really hot and bothered.

We started a role-play where I play the part of a Shinto priest who is cross dressing as female. A Shinto priest is a priest of the main religion of japan, which is called Shinto. In the role-play I would take his offering of “seed” as a gift for the Kami. The Kami are what japan calls it’s gods.

I don’t honestly know what that would be called. It’s basically a religious fetish. I mean we both really like japan’s vast culture and even subcultures. I mean that’s why I’ve named myself Ishi. I think I’ll look up what it’s called after this post. He He ~

I really have been enjoying our new role-play together. I used to be obsessed with religion because my mom forced it down my throat when I was very young. So I haven’t really prayed to anything because when I realized my obsession had become unhealthy I completely stopped everything.

So I feel this is a really good outlet for that pent up energy. I also feel that because of our bad situation that it’s basically a way to show my mind that I’m getting help. We could even put that in our role-play where my Master helps me get out of a bad situation, say maybe with a bad priest..

I recently started meditation again as a way to destress because of the living situation Master and I are both in. We’re living with my mother who in the past was extremely abusive to me. I’ll talk more about that in a different post.



What is BDSM?

So before I start my post on what BDSM is, I figured  I’d let you guys know that I’m going to be using  this blog for both essays but also for what’s called a slave diary/journal. I wanted to start keeping one as a record of how I’m feeling within my 24/7 BDSM relationship. I do plan to keep my essays and diary posts separate.

Well for starters BDSM always gets a bad rap, that puts in people’s heads thoughts of abuse. When in all honesty it’s about trust. In BDSM you HAVE to trust who you’re playing with and almost literally with your life. Why do I say with your life? because if you’re bound, can’t move, are gagged and helpless, virtually anyone can hurt you badly and if it’s the wrong person kill you.

BDSM stands for bondage & discipline, dominance & submission and sadism & masochism.  It’s about the submissive giving up the control that they normally have over situations and aspects of life and for the dominant having that control. With control however the dominant has to be responsible for their Submissive / Slave. They have to make sure their slave is safe.

There is a general rule about BDSM and that’s Safe, Sane and Consensual. If it isn’t safe, if it isn’t sane and it isn’t asked for then it’s abuse and you need to run.


Hello, my name’s Ishi Kage. I want to start this blog as an information source for different subcultures and styles. By writing this blog I’m going to include how to go about them safely and how to go about getting into them. This blog will also be a good source to figure out if that’s the subculture or style that’s meant for you.


This is NOT a forum of hatred or critique on sub-cultures. I am not here to rate these subcultures or styles, merely to inform others about them and the various intricacies of them. If hateful comments or critiquing of any of the subcultures or styles listed within this blog are seen, the comments will be deleted.