What is: ddlg

I without a doubt love ddlg and mdlb stuff. Of course my personal thing is ddlb. Now you might ask what do ddlg mdlb and ddlb stand for? Well it’s daddy/ mommy dom and little girl /boy. It can be simple where a person just likes calling their lover daddy or you can take it really far and live as a 24/7 little girl or boy. Let’s get into more specifics in this fetish.

This fetish is all about your submissive acting out the role of being a little girl or boy. It by no means is pedophilia because your partner’s actual age is still over 18. I do not support pedophilia in anyway by writing this post. The caregiver often has a more nurturing and loving role rather than being strictly dominant. It really does depend on your submissive’s needs. Daddy dom and submissive Littles come in all shapes and sizes. A daddy Dom is more for guiding their little and a loving way. Communication is a big factor in the relationship to ensure that both sides are happy. Like for example in my relationship things are both out of the bedroom and sexual at the same time. On that note, there are also different types of Littles. There are Kitten Littles which enjoy acting like a cat but also being a Little. They’re also known as Pets. There is crybaby Littles,  which is more on the emotional side of a Little. And then there are angel babies. Which is a Little that is perfect like an angel.

I have a set a time in the day where I am Little and have time to relax from my stressful day.

Well, I hope that was helpful information on the daddy and little girl lifestyle for fetish.



I’d like to write an update on how me and my Master are doing. It seems to be really hard to live without him by my side. I was so used to waking up next to him every morning. I however though have been talking to him through Facebook Messenger and through a couple app. We have to live separately for a while because of people not wanting us to live together. It’s more based on utilities at separate houses rather than one person having an undesirable personality. I suffer from schizophrenia so it’s hard to tell what he means through text. I somehow manage, though we also talked through video chatting. I bought a new sex toy that is made of glass and so far I am loving it. It’s very silky smooth and pleasurable. My Master can’t wait to use it on me. I think I enjoy it more than normal dildos because of the smooth texture. It calms me down and helps me with stress. It looks like a Sailor Moon wand. I also found out that lolita clothing can fit me and I also found out that it feels very comfortable on me so I might start wearing that as clothing. I think that’s all I will update on for today.

What is: emo?

I remember how in high-school I’d get teased about being “goth” but that’s funny because I’m Emo. though I found out Emo is a subculture of goth\punk. What is Emo? You may find yourself asking. Well the definition can be different for everyone just like many things on this blog. I honestly feel that someone being Emo is a person that’s more in touch with their emotions and also likes Emocore music and maybe fashion. You don’t have to dress Emo to be Emo. I honestly feel the correct label for an Emo kid is Scene. In my opinion it’s silly to name a person that dresses in tight jeans and band t-shirts Emo after a genre of music.

Well, Emo culture started in the 1980’s as a genere of music from the punk music scene. It was at that point known as Emocore. Today Scene kids are kinda rare in my opinion. They usually dress in tight skinny jeans and band t-shirts. They listen to emotional music and screamo. They pride themselves on being an outcast and often feel that no one understands them.

I’d like to take some time and address a very serious note. That Emos often cut themselves and that you’re not Emo if you don’t cut. To be honest, you can be Emo just by liking the music. So please don’t hurt yourself because of fashion. I also feel you should seek out help if you are cutting or self harming.

My eternity collar

I have some amazing news. My loving Master has let me buy my eternity collar and I’m super happy that he wants to keep me as his slave for an eternity. I’ll post pictures and explain what an eternity collar is. For me it’s basically my kinky wedding ring.

In BDSM a sub/pet/slave can be given a collar by their Owner or Master as a sign of being owned by them. Usually a submissive starts off with a starter collar as a kind of testing the waters then is given a slightly more permanent collar that means they’re fully collared by their Owner and some take it a step further and collar their submissive for an eternity.

For me it’s basically the kinky equivalent to a promise ring. Then a more formal engagement ring then full marriage ring. Its saying “Hey I want you in my life forever.”

The site I got mine off of is.

https://www.eternitycollars.com .

It’s light weight and you can wear it 24/7 . It’s a great collar if you’re looking for something that’s heavy duty and strong while being worn 24/7. You can even give your Master the “key” and be locked in it.

Writing prompt: I tried to say goodbye

She looked him in the eyes, his beautiful blue eyes staring back at him piercing her soul. She then realized she didn’t want to die, she wanted to live for him. He gave her purpose.

When have you tried to say goodbye but found you couldn’t? That feeling of chills you get by being with them only made things worse. I had times with my Daddy where I almost wanted to say goodbye and it was because of my ever present depression. I was so deep inside my negative thoughts I almost said goodbye to Daddy forever. I’m happy I stuck around because I don’t know what I’d do without him.

This past year I’ve been through a lot and honestly I wouldn’t be here without my Daddy’s help. I’m happy to be alive and grateful for every day. I can only hope that life gets better.

On a side note I figured I’d turn all my writing prompts into bdsm styled themes. Like self made short stories or personal memories.

Are you truly Finite?

Today I’m trying out blogging prompts just so I can get in some good practice for writing. My one word prompt is finite which means blocked or limited. So a good example is how we as humans are finite unlike God who is infinite. So interestingly enough, this reminds me of when I first started practicing witchcraft. I had to learn that I am finite.

In Wicca, you can’t do silly things like creating fire on your hand out of nothing and tossing it at someone. No, unfortunately Wicca isn’t like Harry Potter. Wicca actually uses science in my opinion. I think this because everything is made out of energy. Like what the law of attraction says.

Though there’s the argument that the law of attraction attracts good things to us. So if we attract god or the goddess how truly finite are we? Especially since we’re made in their image.

I don’t have a lot of time for a long post today so my apologies.

Do you think Wicca uses science? Lemme know and comment.

An Update and Hiatus

To all of my sweet husband’s readers and loyal followers: This is your writer’s editor and husband. Following the untimely, but ultimately blessed passing of my husband’s mother, my mother-in-law, my husband and I have had to move from our location in Phoenix, Arizona back to our hometown of Flagstaff. In the aftermath, we’d had to leave many things behind, and in the interim between us leaving things behind, and my husband going back to Phoenix to retrieve our belongings, someone apparently had broken into the place we were staying and stole several of our belongings, including my husband’s laptop. Since my husband is lacking his laptop, and only has his cellphone to use for various purposes, he will be unable to make regular updates to this site for an undetermined amount of time. Please be understanding and remain loyal until we are able to fix this setback. We are currently in the process of figuring out ways to keep you all updated until he is able to afford to get a new laptop or some other electronic device that he can use for more purposes than the ones a cellphone allows.

Drama drama

So me and my Master are having a lot of drama going on. Well I should start at the beginning…my mother has recently passed away and I was unsure of where I would be living next and was extremely depressed. My mom’s friend thought it would be a great idea to catch me on the rebound saying my master was abusive and asking if I was happy. I mean my master doesn’t help with chores but that’s it.

They were saying things like “your a different person without him.” And stuff like he’s the laziest person they know. Yet they were doing nothing while my mom drank herself to death. I honestly only act like a different person around them because I put a mask up that I’m happy around everyone except him. I trust him enough to see my dark side and not run.

Well after they had called my master abusive asked if I wanted out of the situation. I was at that point scared and kinda panicked so I agreed. I was getting flashbacks of my ex who made me drink my own piss so I went to their house where they acted like I was breaking up with him and shaming him in every way they could. They scared him and me to the point that my master in order to get my trust again went into a mental hospital and that still didn’t change their opinions on him it just made the bullshit worse.

My lovely loving beautiful master had to go to a mental hospital and now we can’t even be together still. My dad caught wind of the situation and thought it be great to tell horror stories about us, the weird freaky transgender heathens. My dad said I could come back to his house but my master had to stay with his parents.

My dad keeps saying things on how my master was bad for me but a lot of stuff was stuff I did to survive. I only make a very low amount like 700$ a month which most of my money went to food and keeping us sane while living with a dying addict. I just feel like no one knows my side of things but no one will even listen to my side of the story.

I honestly feel horrible that my Master and Daddy has had a shitty week because I panicked and was depressed. I feel like I need behavior training on how to go to Daddy when I’m sad. Kitten loves you Daddy!!

An unfortunate time.

Well, I’m saddened to report that my mom has passed away and I’m dealing with a lot of family crap and drama. I was unfortunately the person to find her dead body and it wasn’t a pretty sight. We’re still waiting for the results on why she died but I have a pretty good idea of what it was.

My mom had a huge problem with abusing painkillers and alcohol. I have a pretty good idea in my head that she literally drank herself into the grave. I mean everyone around me agrees but thinks that “It was okay because she was in pain.” I mean I have all the ailments my mother had and probably a little more. I honestly handle my daily pains in a very good way. I actually meditate and destress and almost never take meds for it. I guess I feel she should of handled things in a better way.

Everyone around me is saying things like “She was a godsend.” and “She was such a good person.” It honestly hurts to hear that because she was never good to me and I was her own kid. She would turn on me like a hungry wolf when no one was looking. I guess we all have our dark sides. I honestly have never told people about her abuse with  me behind closed doors. I guess I feel like everyone will think I’m lying.

I also feel kind of cheated that I had to care for my abusive mother like a maid / nurse all the way up until the end. I feel robbed of the first year of my marriage because of all the drama and bullshit.

I think my main point in this post is don’t let your inner demons hurt the ones you should love the most. Also don’t turn to things like drugs or whatever because it only gets worse from that point on.


What is: The furry fandom?

I used to get teased a lot in school for liking what’s called the furry fandom. Mentioning of the furry fandom usually gives people a vision of people in fursuits or people wearing cat ears. It also, unfortunately, and falsely, conjures up images of sexually depraved people who want only sex and to have sexual relations with animals or to engage in endless orgies and drugs and alcohol. However the furry fandom goes further then just wanting to scare your neighbor in an animal costume or wanting to dress like a sexy cat.

The furry fandom is people who like humanized or anthropomorphic animals. This however can mean A LOT of different things for different people. The furry fandom usually starts with people liking cartoon anthropomorphic animals: animalistic but human-ish characters/ animals with human characteristics. It is a very deep and almost complex fandom. It can go from simply liking cartoon animals like Donald and Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny or even Simba, wearing ears and tails, wearing fursuits or turning it into a fetish.

So you might find yourself asking, Why would someone make that a fetish?! Well let’s clear one thing up really quick. It isn’t about beastiality. Approximately 75-90% of all furries don’t like the idea of harming an animal, let alone taking advantage of it sexually.  There’s a difference between wanting to fuck Rover and liking to look at sexy humanistic animal babes and dudes all day.

I myself am what’s known as an Otherkin furry, often just shortened to Otherkin. I see my fursona and even myself as a well…a half dragon and  half cat. I know right? Creative! But unfortunately hard to explain. I do know, however I found that I really loved those two animals and even acted like them.  Like, I don’t run around on all fours screaming and ‘roaring’, no, but I do like pet-play and I love being my husband’s pet. If you don’t know who that is read my about me page. 🙂

For further knowledge, an Otherkin is a person that feels that they not only really really like an animal but that their soul is that animal. I almost feel like finding out you’re an otherkin and literally seeing yourself as well an animal in your mind can be almost as important as your sexual identity and even sexuality. For me finding out what animals I really enjoyed was a soul searching experience.  I’d love to hear your guys’ thoughts in the comments.

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